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Mini Mario Description

Ever since Mario was young, he was always a big fan of jumping! You can now re-enact his childhood in Mini Mario and try to get as far as possible, even as a tiny hero. Jump through many worlds and missions in the exciting adventure to be found in this classic game. Please read the manual, because the controls are a bit unusual.

Instructions for Mini Mario

The game is controlled via the keyboard. There are the arrow keys for movement but you jump by pressing the Z key. This may at first seem a bit unusual, but in the long run it is very convenient as you can play with both hands. With ESC you can pause the game. M toggles the music on and off and the sound can be controlled via the S button. Another tip, as unfortunately in Mario Mini one cannot shoot, is to jump on your enemies and Bowser must be hopped on until he is beaten. He appears first in World 1-4. Extra care should be taken around the turtles. If you jump on them, they retreat into their shells. Another jump on their back will cause them to move quickly and thus they can defeat other enemies. But you yourself can also be the victim of a moving shell attack. If you manage to jump on it once more, it will again lie still in its shell on the floor.

On the overview map you can save your progress, so you do not always have to start over. In the game, special stones are hidden out of the way. They may have invisible gold coins concealed within them. So it's worth checking everything carefully

Mini Mario - Conclusion

Clean classic graphics, great gameplay and if you set the music off on the overview screen at the right time, then you ring the bell. Mini Mario is a really great game and makes the heart of every true Mario fan beat faster. Full recommendation from us. The only thing that remains is to say is enjoy playing as much as you wish! Of course, it is also worth looking at our other games on the site.

A really great Mario game that's stellar fun.

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