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Mario Flash 2 Description

Mario Flash 2 allows you to slip into the role of the little Italian plumber for free! Here you can grow, ride Yoshi and even find lots of hidden rewards. Mario Flash 2 is far from a simple game, you should expect a great, unparalleled challenge. Mario Flash 2 is a game that will captivate for more than just an evening. First, please read the manual, so you can control the game properly.

How to Play Mario Flash 2

The game is played with the keyboard and the mouse. In the overview you choose within the game using the mouse and can see the little overview world of Mario. There you use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move to the next point and confirm location with the spacebar.

During the game you control your character with the arrow keys (up is jump). With the spacebar you can, once you have a mount, eat opponents. If you eat a turtle shell, you can spit it out by tapping the spacebar. Use the X button to jump back on the mount.

As you proceed your opponents become gradually more challenging and you may find it difficult initially, as you learn the game. Also, there are hidden secret passages and hidden extra rewards- these can be found but only if you're very smart. For example, in the first level there is one after you ride Yoshi up a mountain. Behind it are two small stones. To trigger the second stone you have to eat a turtle shell and shoot this on the second stone. Then many pieces of gold appear at the end of a long tendril in the corner.

A special tip: if you kill 5 enemies in one second during the game, you will gain an extra life that can be absolutely vital when the levels get tough.

For those who want to try their hand at being a developer themselves, there is the level editor on which you can do so. Everything that you would find in normal gameplay is in the level editor and so you have the chance to construct your own Mario World.

Summary of Mario Flash 2

Mario Flash 2 is the best implementation of the game in Flash that I have come across. On the one hand it's depressing when you can't get past an especially tricky location, but the motivation is insanely high. Mario Flash 2 is cool, fun and not very easy. Two thumbs up and a clear recommendation from me.


This is a very difficult game, but it fascinates me.

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