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Yoshi – Egg Throwing

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Yoshi - Egg Throwing Description

Our little friend Yoshi is on the move and is trying to throw as many eggs as possible. There are some small tools on the ground and a small launching ramp to help get them as far as possible. Show what a good bowler you are and get lots of points. Become the star of the egg throwers and gain the recognition of all the other turtles.

Yoshi Egg Throwing game instructions.

The game is played using the the mouse. First, click on Start Game and then you see a fast-moving beam on the top left of the screen. Click once more and Yoshi will throw an egg and then you can enjoy the flight. When the bar is high up, Yoshi throws the egg very steep, but slowly. When the bar is low down, he throws it flat, but using a lot of force. On the floor, beware of caterpillars and snails lurking. These slow down the egg, preventing them going further.

Conclusion Yoshi Egg Throwing

A nice little game that revolves around Yoshi. Unfortunately, the game is not very long so there is limited fun, but you can have a good time measuring your results with your friends. Take turns at throwing and see who has managed to get the egg the furthest. Yoshi Egg Throwing is worth playing and the background music is really nice too.

A range of about 10,000 is good. Who throws further?

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